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A slave, she admits it, to a daily shampoo, June Allyson can set her pert page boy in a speedy two minutes. June’s hair is very fine and naturally curly. While still damp, she parts it diagonally, from temple to crown on left side. Two large, standing pin curls form fluffy bangs. Sides are set with one large, flat curl over each ear. June brushes rest of hair over her hand, turning ends under. Long clips behind ears help shape page boy. A fast squirt of hair spray sets it to stay. Special charm of June’s hairdo is its bounce. On below, 90 Ethel Neefus, her hairdresser for 14 years, tells how June’s soft, fine hair gets its body and spring.

“June’s page boy is trimmed bluntly,” says hairdresser Ethel Neefus. “Only sides are feathered a bit in front for springy, upturned curls.” Blunt cutting gives June’s soft hair body and fullness. So do frequent shampoos. June, who’d as soon skip her shower as her daily shampoo, half-dries hair with a home dryer, then sets as shown. Freshly washed hair looks twice as thick and fluffy.

The girl with round face and baby-fine hair can take her cue from Debbie Reynolds, who cheerfully owns up to both. For Debbie’s personal views, her studio stylist’s professional opinion, see below. To copy Debbie’s hairdo exactly, follow sketch, above. Top is set in nine stand-up pin curls, wound toward face. Row of small, flat pin curls at sides is followed by two rows of larger curls, gradually increasing in size toward back. Three rows of large curls in back are wound toward face. To comb out, top is brought forward in soft, full bangs. Sides and back are swept up in high, wavy pony tail with ends flipped neatly under.

“Debbie is small and has a small face,” says William Tuttle, head of M-G-M’s make-up department. “She looks best with her hair swept back and caught up in a pony tail.” “It’s easiest to manage that way, too,” confides Debbie. “Especially when I’m traveling without a hairdresser. Because my hair is baby-soft, I use hair spray after combing, then comb through again quickly before spray is dry.”

“I like to wear my hair short because it’s easy to keep—long, too, because it’s so feminine,” confides Natalie Wood, who doesn’t really have to make up her mind. Like most girls with an oval face, she can wear either length—and does. “When Natalie’s hair is long, it looks best brushed back,” says Jean Burt Reilly, chief hair stylist at Warners’. “Short, it can be brought forward without smothering her small face.” A shortcut in every way, Natalie’s gamin hairdo (shown here) requires no setting, needs only to be combed into place. Feather cut, with bangs and sides tapered to fall into points, back is shaped to fit nape of neck. To learn how Natalie skips the awkward stage between long hair and short, see below.

Natalie Wood proves that a girl can grow to any lengths for a pretty hairdo—without suffering through the straggly, in-between stage. “While Natalie is letting her hair grow, we keep it in shape by blunt-cutting the ends a bit,” says Jean Burt Reilly. A loose permanent gives Natalie’s straight, fine- textured hair body and a little curl. Non-oily hairdressing adds both control and sheen.

Doris Day’s tumbled topknot has a carefree, combed-with-an-egg-beater charm achieved by clever cutting, setting and combing. About setting, first: Hair is parted just off center. Two rows of very large, standing pin curls on top are rolled over two fingers and wound toward face. Flat curls on crown are wound in reverse direction. Hair in back is swirled to point at nape of neck, sides sleeked flat and held in place with clips while drying. Cutting and combing directions on below.

“For Doris Day’s pixie-cut, a girl needs hair as well-behaved as Doris’—slightly curly and medium- textured,” says Jean Burt Reilly. It is razor-cut while wet, with top 1½ inches long; sides ¾ inch; back trimmed close as possible. Setting, shown on above, is to give line and direction, not curl. While still damp, pins are removed, hair brushed almost straight, then combed into place.

Demure as dynamite, Ann Blyth’s medium-length hairdo follows no fashion trend, just looks beautiful. Gentle and feminine as well as flattering, it is also easy to set. Soft waves on top are formed by two rows of standing pin curls, a third row of flat curls. In each row, one curl is on left side of part, two curls on right. Sides and back are set as shown. On below, read how Ann keeps her thick, dark hair always lustrous and manageable.

“Although my hair has some curl,” says Ann, “it’s so thick and heavy I need a loose permanent to avoid nightly pin-curling.” “Ann’s hair is taper-cut to give it spring,” says Bill Tuttle. “Also, dark hair looks softer with feathered edges.” For the sheen and smoothness that give thick, dark hair its lush beauty, Ann shampoos every four days and gives herself a monthly conditioning treatment.



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