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First Photographs Of Marlon Brando’s Son

Since his birth, Christian Devi Brando, the son of Marlon Brando and Anna Kashfi, has been a hidden child. To the best of our knowledge, no photographs of him have ever been published anywhere in the world—until now. We at MODERN SCREEN are personally very happy that Anna—having recovered from the shock of her shattered marriage—is feeling today as every mother should: she’s proud of her handsome son and wants to show you pictures of him. It is especially gratifying to us that, of all the magazines in this country which have been begging Anna for pictures, she has selected MS as the one in which she wants Christian Devi to make his first public appearance. . . .

Missing from these tender photographs of Anna Kashfi and her son is Marlon Brando, who has refused to share any family photographs with the public. Yet to Anna, Marlon truly lives in these photographs—for the eyes of Christian Devi, deep-set, dark and brooding, are Marlon’s eyes. To this young mother who inherited the mysteries of the East from her Hindu father, a child’s eyes mirror the soul of his father. Looking into Christian’s eyes she sees again the man who—despite all—gave her an intense, wonderful moment of love.

Exclusive photos by Ina Berneis