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Family Cars

Mass-market cars of the 1960s were often built to template, with a four-cylinder engine at the front, driven wheels at the back, and styling that did little to excite. There were plenty of exceptions, however. The best of the family cars of the era were...

Sports Saloons

Performance had always been the preserve of open roadsters, but by the 1960s sports saloons were gaining ground. This inroad was fuelled by car-makers such as Ford and BMC turning out tuned versions of their family cars that made a good base for a circuit...

Stylish Roadsters

1950’s America loved two-seat sports cars, or roadsters, and domestic car-makers, as well as rivals from Europe and beyond, rushed to satisfy the endless demand. Seeing the potential of new revenue streams and fresh customers, firms such as Jowett and Triumph, traditionally makers of small...

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