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    The Truth About My Son—Anthony Franciosa

    Of all the wild stories about Anthony Franciosa, how many can be believed? Was he really a sad, hungry slum kid who stole? Why did he get into trouble? Is he moody, mixed-up? To separate fact from fiction, Photoplay went to the person who knows...

    It’s News. . . In Hollywood

    Tab Hunter started a trend with a sensational “Young Love” disc. When it hit the select “gold record” class with sales of a million-plus, platter-makers began to round up other golden (they hope) Hollywood voices. Natalie Wood was signed fast; so were Sal Mineo, Bob...

    That’s Hollywood For You!

    I don’t think June Allyson should have left Dick Powell; or Lana Turner, Lex Barker. June and Lana will discover that a good man is hard to find for keeps. . . . Kim Novak seldom middle-roads anything. The Lavender Lady either likes you all...

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