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    That’s Hollywood For You

    I believe Liz Taylor and Mike Wilding are getting divorced so they can be good friends. . . . Nobody ever accused Anita Ekberg of looking like a boy. . . . I admire Audrey Hepburn because she wouldn’t allow the studio to straighten her...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I wonder if Tuesday Weld thinks Beverly Aadland is a wild kid. . . . “Suddenly, Last Summer” is the only movie I know that qualifies to be on the Diners Club. If you don’t understand this joke, see the movie. . . . I’ll...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I wonder what MM really thinks of BB. And vice versa . . . Rossano Brazzi should take lessons on how to unbend . . . According to past performances, Deborah Kerr’s off-screen publicity should help her in the Oscar Derby . . . I’d...