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How To Have The Bustline You Want

Many Hollywood stars have come to my figure-building salon in Beverly Hills for the beauty courses which I have perfected. I promise them no miracles, as I promise none to you. But I do predict that. like so many of the movie stars. your bustline will show improvement by following my directions for these simple exercises.


Correcting poor posture can do much to make your line trim. The three most common forms of poor posture are pictured with this story. A sidewise curved back (on this page) is often caused by habitually carrying heavy books on the same arm. Exercises to strengthen the muscles evenly and sufficiently to support the frame will help. An uneven hip line (pictured in back of book) can only be corrected by determined effort to straighten the spine and by developing better tone in the abdominal muscles to make the lower back more normal. A forward thrusting of the head results in a badly sunken chest. Exercises can help you stretch and tone up the muscles of the chest and shoulders, and to tighten the abdominal muscles.


Do pushups regularly to aid posture and strengthen chest muscles. Three special exercises: Stand with arms extended sideways (see bottom row, first girl,) and bring forward, repeating five to ten times.


Then, with arms sideways again, rotate arms, keeping elbows stiff. Now study the last two girls. These are your positions for the final exercise, consisting of raising the hands high above the head and lowering them to shoulder level in a steady rhythm. For best results I recommend the use of dumbbells or weights in the hands.


Remember, the secret of effective exercise depends on regularity (every day for reducing, alternate days for building). Begin with a ten-minute routine and work up to twenty, never exercising until at least two hours or so after a meal. The all-important Don’ts: Don’t bathe directly after a workout. Don’t overdo it. Don’t begin exercising without your doctor’s okay. Most of all, don’t get discouraged. Your rewards will come.




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