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What Do Lovers Do All Day?

What they did all day in Germany, when Tony Curtis and Christine Kaufmann were relaxing together, is typical of what they are doing now, while they are both in Hollywood: everything and nothing. Sometimes just being together seems enough. All the world loves a lover, and yet the world is wondering what could they have in common, this petite seventeen-year-old German actress who is not even old enough to travel without her mother and the famous, successful American star who is more than twice her age, and the father of two daughters. One thing they have is—as Tony calls it, “a terrific relationship.” Christine has wistfully admitted that the more she discovers about people the more she realizes how much more there is to discover. That she feels one lifetime is just too short to find all the great understanding that can exist between a man and a woman. So Tony, wise in the way of an older man who has seen a lot in his one lifetime, suggests gently that they share their two lifetimes. And what is it that lovers do all day? What else—Tony and Christine answer—than what they’re doing on these pages!


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