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A “Grace”-ful Future: Although both Her Grace, Princess de Monaco and Prince Rainier had hoped their first child would be an heir to the throne, I have a sneaking suspicion that Grace is secretly glad that “he” turned out to be a “she”—because when Princess Caroline...

That’s Hollywood For You

I BELIEVE Edmund Purdom portrays a dashing hero in the “Dragnet” acting manner. . . . Wonder if Audrey Hepburn paid Dior to try to make her fashionable. . . . “White Christmas” reminds me: I go for Rosemary Clooney singing, “Love, You Didn’t Do...

Exclusively Yours

Dateline Europe— Brandishing at Brando: When Marlon Brando scalded himself with a hot cup of tea in the cocktail bar of the “Prince de Galles” in Paris, while on location for “The the Hollywood gagsters immediately quipped, “Now they’ll retitle the film ‘Teahouse of the August Young...

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