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His Church Accuses Him Of Wilderness—Pat Boone

Pat Boone’s critics think he’s prim. His enemies rail him dull! His wife worries herself to a frazzle when their children see him with a strange woman. To understand these conflicting viewpoints, we suggest you click the news—immediately!...

Let’s Draft Every Star Now!

Last night I got so mad I sat down and started to write a letter to President Kennedy. It began— “Dear Mr. President: I think every star should be drafted—and now! ” —By Pat Boone...

Ann-Margret’s Life Story!

Last month, Part 1 of Ann-Margret’s life story described how she and her parents left their native Sweden and came to live in Illinois. In Wilmette, a high school teacher told Ann-Margret, “I predict Hollywood for you” A short time later his prediction came true....

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