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    High Heaven

    High on a Bel-Air hilltop stands the Jean Simmons-Stewart Granger honeymoon house. It’s a rambling house, reminiscent of the old Spanish missions. When Stewart’s trophies arrive from Africa, they’ll hang in his den. Jean’s own furniture and keep-sakes, en route from England, will go into the living room. But both rate the upper patio as the best place of all. For always after a day at the studio and a quick plunge in the pool they dine here by candlelight—with the lights of the town twinkling far below.

    Large living room, on first level, is done in pastel colors and furnished with contemporary pieces. Oil paintings came from England

    Jean and Stewart spend much time out-of-doors. Upper patio, which they use as second living room, gives them breath-taking view of tropical gardens, lush country around Bel-Air

    At ease: Jean is in “Androcles and the Lion,” Stewart, “The North Country”

    Stewart, after his adventures in Africa for “King Solomon’s Mines,’’ is glad to settle down to backgammon with Jean

    House, built on three levels, overlooks picturesque pool, terraced gardens

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JUNE 1951

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