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If You Like What You Love You’re In Luck—Doris Day

Much has been written about Doris Day’s charm, her brightness, her radiance. There is nothing to question. It’s really there: the shiny blond hair, the clean looks, the sparkling blue eyes and, of course, the smile—a terrific smile, wide, warm, utterly disarming. The place on the...

All The Things She Is—Doris Day

She adores French fried onions and all kinds of flowers . . . can’t abide birds in cages or arithmetic. She’s always chewing gum and always full of zip. Her name is Doris Day...

Go Out To A Movie

Meet Me In St. Louis (M-G-M)—A STORY replete with charm, color, coziness of home and family, to say nothing of romance, is this so-different musical all wrapped up around a gay ninety tune hit “Meet Me In St. Louis.”...

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